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In society, whenever a crime has been committed, no matter how small, there is always evidence left behind. 

The evidence usually points to certain suspects. In this game, the players are all “simply suspects.” What is unusual is that the suspects each have the opportunity to tamper with the evidence so that it points to other suspects. If the evidence points to you when you meet the Grand Jury, you are eliminated. Only one suspect will escape the Grand Jury and win the game.

Ages: 8 to adult
Players: 2 to 6
Playing time: 15-30 min.



National Association for Gifted Children
“Parenting for High Potential”


National Parenting Center
“Seal of Approval”


Creative Child Magazine
“Seal of Excellence”


Adding Wisdom Award
“Parent to Parent”


“Simply Suspects is a game that is brilliantly conceived and executed. We guarantee that the wheels of your brain will be spinning and whirring as you play not only to win, but to trip up your opponents. Using deductive reasoning, process of elimination and not a small amount of cunning, you will be challenged and entertained on your next family game night.”
The National Parenting Center

“I am so pleased to have been asked to do this review. Simply Suspects® was a true delight to enjoy as a family. This game, is suited for ages 8+ and 2-6 players (or ‘suspects’ as they cleverly refer to them as on the game) was enjoyed by
both our children and us adults.”
Education Clearinghouse

“Bluffing is important in Simply Suspects, but be careful, strategic moves may backfire! Simply Suspects teaches problem solving in an ever-changing environment! “
Beverly Hernandez — Homeschooling

“The fifth graders spent a week playing with more than 30 board games. Among the honorable mentions were: Simply Suspects, which was especially popular with the girls.”
Chicago Parent — Toy Test

“Simply Suspects is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award to ever be
honored by”

“Simply Suspects is a great game for kids and parents alike. Everyone enjoyed the game and loves the fast-action of finger pointing as each player tries to tamper with the evidence so that it points to another player’s identity. Loads of fun for hours of family entertainment!”
Jodi Lynn — CEO/founder Adding Wisdom Award

“Recommended Mystery Game”
(University of Florida’s Center for Children’s
Literature and Culture)

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